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Now our kids do say things to him because what they learn in school about how smoking is bad for you and so on.I have also answered their questions on why I dont do it.It pretty much ended up being the biggest reason that things didn't work out.She smelt like it all the time, everything she owned and wore smelt like it, and it was literally as close to kissing an ashtray as I could imagine.Basically, I would tell you not to date a smoker if you don't smoke yourself.You also say that you would eventually tell your partner to tone it down or to quit, even if it isn't in the beginning of the relationship.And like LLM said, it is about health and I would worry about that with my partner. I have watched my dh struggle with quitting so even though he did originally decide to smoke quitting isnt such an easy choice.Actually it wasnt that bad to be around my Dh while pregnant with our two boys. Thank you all for your insight, and I do share the same views along the lines. I gotta say, it's kind of dangerous to get into the thinking of "if he loved me, he'd do this or that." He could just as easily say if YOU loved HIM, you'd take him as he is and not want to make him change, and round and round you go, and nothing changes, and no one's happy.

I simply decided beforehand that smoking is a deal breaker.The minute he found out we were expecting he started smoking outside and far away from him if I was outside with him. Nothing is for sure yet as far as dating him, and quite frankly, I would be a fool to even think that it won't bother me, esp when we are close up face to face. You can either tolerate being with someone who smokes or you can't.I am the type to be somewhat unbending and there are a couple things I do not or will not tolerate. Or, he's either worth caving or giving a bit on your stand or he's not.Perhaps I'm just too used to him now but as he always chews gum or uses mouthwash after a cigarette, the taste/smell isn't too bad. I married a smoker even though I absolutely hate smoking.There are actually some cigs that make me sick to my stomach to smell them. He knows how I feel and has tried to quit but it hasnt stuck to date. I actually dont say anything to him because I'm not his mother.

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I do a lot of internet dating and I state on my profile clearly no smokers.

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